Mink Blankets

We are larger Mink Blankets supplier in India and offer super soft Mink Blanket that is very appreciated by the patrons for its price effectiveness, pure material, soft feel, smoothness, tear proof nature and lots of.

Mink Blankets

Mink Blankets are comfort accessories like comfort foods that give you warmth and coziness in the chilly winters along with their cottony softness. Mink Blankets are made of Mink Fur or Acrylic Fibre which has been simply woven to feel like Mink. Choosing a Mink Blanket is a personal choice as its softness, plushness, silkiness, country of origin, patterns, single ply, or double-ply. The Color combination of the room and decor plays an important role in choosing Blankets as they add to the luxury in the decor of the room of the user.


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